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Thank you for shopping at The HR Generalist Store.  

Our mission is to provide basic human resource services and tools to employers by implementing processes to economically sustain their workforce.

The HR Generalist Store has the following locations:

Madison, Wisconsin - contact: 

Facebook:  The HR Generalist Store is now on Facebook - please search and "Like" our page.

Employment Opportunity - If you are performing all the functions of a human resource generalist, this may be an option for you.  Typically, human resource generalist earn lower than most specialized human resource personnel, but possess a broader knowledge base - this opportunity can increase your earning potential.

The core of America is built on small employers, who are not large enough to justify a human resource position, but are required by law to follow employment laws.  The HR Generalist Store is here to help small employers with their employment needs.

The HR Generalist Store is looking for Human Resource Generalist to become HR Generalist Consultants. 

As a human resource generalist, you must be able to perform all items listed on this website and:
*    Bachelors degree in human resources
*    3 years of human resource generalist experience

Please contact The HR Generalist Store for additional information on becoming a HR Generalist Consultant.