New Hire & Orientation

Starting new jobs can be exciting and sometimes nerve-racking for employees.  Most new hires have numerous questions and uncertainties about the company.  All of their questions can be answered in a New Employee Orientation.  

The orientation allows you one-on-one time with those employees to review your company's history, mission, values, and policies.

You should use this opportunity to complete all the new hire forms mandated by state and federal laws.
*    New Hire Reporting Forms
*    Federal I-9 Forms
*    Federal W-4 Forms
*    Establish an Orientation
*    Creating Employee Manuals
*    Manual Consent Forms
*    Social Security Employee Verification
*    Visa Verification
*    Employment of Minors
*    New Hire Checklist
*    Background Checks
*    Direct Deposit Forms
*    Human Resource Procedures Manual

Companies should post mandated compliance posters. A tour of the company, vacation offered and benefit forms should be completed.

Your company should have clear policies on attendance, leave, harassment, complaints, performance, severe weather, operation emergency, parking, computers, company offered phones and more.

All employees should sign an New Employee Manual Acknowledgment of receipt and review.  The clearer your policies, the stronger your defense is should an issue with an employee arise.

The HR Generalist Store can customize an New Hire Orientation for your company.  We will include all the necessary mandated postings and customize the orientation specific to your industry.  As your company grows, we will make changes and/or additions to accommodate your needs.