Form Templates

Over 50 Human Resource Templates at your fingertips!

The list below are templates created to assist employers by: ensuring consistency and establishing the foundation of human resources within your company. With your templates order, you will receive a human resource manual specific to your business.  This manual will walk through the law and how to complete the form.  Then all you need to do is retain the form in the personnel file for your documentation.

New Hire Reporting
*     WI New Hire Form (available online)
*     Federal I9 (available online)
*     Federal W4 (available online)
*     New Hire Checklist
*     Application
*     Application Release Consent
*     Interview Questions
*     Reference Checklist
*     Applicant Hiring Metrics
*     Education Verification
*     New Hire Requisition Form
*     Telephone Applicant Screening
*     Employment Background Verification
*     Candidate Offer Letter
*     Another Candidate Selected (2 styles)
*     Interview Process Outline

Employee Manual
Employee Manual Consent
*     Employee Manual Outline of Content

*    Quarterly/Yearly Balance Sheet
*     Quick Employee Cost (salary/benefits/FICA)

*     OSHA Reporting Form (available online)
*     Safety Training Consent
*     Employee Incident Reporting Form
*     Employer Incident Reporting Documentation Form
*     Witness to Incident Reporting Form

     Initial COBRA Notice
*     COBRA Continuation Notice
*     Benefits Summary Template

Performance & Warnings
*     Formal Verbal Warning
*     Formal Written Warning
*     Performance Action Plan
*     Learning Objectives
*     Performance Reviews (2 styles)

Job Descriptions
Employee Job Evaluation
*     Job Descriptions (3 styles)

Voluntary or Termination of Employment
Termination Checklist
*     Exit Interview
*     Turnover Calculation

Miscellaneous Forms
Sexual Harassment Consent
*     Hostile Environment Consent
*     Computer Purchase Reimbursement
*     Employee Social Security Verification
*     Leave Slips
*     Sample Employee Survey
*     Emergency Response
*     Emergency Response Consent
*     Confidentiality Agreement
*     Employer Complaint Investigation Form 

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*     Carrying Tote with The HR Generalist Store notepad and pen.
*     Organized hanging files with 10 copies of each form to get you started.
*     The Form Template CD.
*     Federal I9 Binder.