The HR Generalist Store is your human resource professional.  Everything you see on this site, is what a human resource professional can perform.  A complete human resource outsourcing experience.  The HR Generalist Store provides services for all size employers:

Small Employers: For those of you who just want to hire 1 employee, we are your human resource professional to help with the postings, paperwork, human resource manuals.

Small - Mid Size Employers: You are still under 50 and do not have enough work for your own full time human resource professional - The HR Generalist Store is your professional and can help by coming in monthly, weekly or daily for the hours you need.

Mid -Large Employers: The HR Generalist Store can help find the right person for your organization, by recruiting and interviewing.  We can help current human resource employees with special projects, working closely with them.  We can also supply coverage for maternity or personal leaves of absence.

Multi-Location Store Manager Audits: The HR Generalist Store can assist large companies with auditing store managers on compliance & company policies.  The HR Generalist Store brings your locations closer. 

The HR Generalist Store can help with your most important resource - your employees. 
By defining and establishing the human resource foundation, your employees will have a clearer understanding of the culture, positions, performance and expectation the company has for them.

The human resource foundation also offers compliance and documentation when/if an issue arises within your company.  Clear documentation offers employers the defense they need.  The HR Generalist Store can establish this process for you. 

Our focus is to help small employers with their basic human resource needs.  As your company grows, we can help with the transition!